Sufia, Farzana & Skye

“Muslim + Jew … Friends”

There are numerous examples, from the origin of Islam through today, where Muslims and Jews have lived peacefully together, and demonstrate respect, support, and friendship towards one another. The two religions share similar values, guidelines, and principles. While Europe was in its Dark Ages and Jews were reviled there, Muslims in Spain during the same period worked side by side with Jews in developing literature, science, and art. During the Holocaust, Muslims in Albania risked their own lives and safety to protect over 2,000 Jewish refugees. And now, on a daily basis, Israeli-Jewish medics, doctors, and soldiers work together with Palestinian-Muslim medics to help injured Palestinians. There is even a village in Israel called “Oasis of Peace” where Arabs and Jews live as neighbors. Both groups endeavor to create a just society that can be a model for peace in the region. All over the world, Jews and Muslims are working together more and more. Peace is possible. #FaceDiversity #BreakNewGround #Muslim #Jew #Stereotype


Islamic-Jewish Relations


The Christian Science Monitor

Sound Vision

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